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Bosnia - June 2019

Bosnia is not many people's vacation map or bucket lists. But this is so wrong, as with its latest history, natural beauty and amazing food it should be on top of yours! MAG went with a small group to Sarajevo and we just loved it. Bosnia is a place to fall in love with...

Bob Sleigh Team MAG

Just after we stepped out of the plane we went to the tunnel museum, which helped Bosnians during the siege between '92-'95 to supply themselves with food supplies. After a lot of information input, we stretched our legs on the former Olympic bob sleigh track. It is a random thing to just walk down a graffiti covered track usually covered in snow and ice. We finished our first day in Sarajevo in a beautiful place over amazing Bosnian food.

Our day trip to Mostar fell on the hottest day of the week but the refreshing breeze coming from the cool water along the Buna river spring made our lunch bearable. From there we visited an old medieval city and the Kravice waterfalls, which we were planning to jump in for some more refreshment. But the ice cold water changed our minds, and we could barely manage to step in until our knees.

Kravice Waterfalls - ice cold but refreshing on the hottest day

The Genocide memorial of Srebrenica was emotional hard to deal with and made us all very quiet. We got the chance to talk to a survivor of these 6 days, in which more than 8,000 people got killed in just that area. Our visit was followed by a homemade lunch at a Bosnian home. We sat in the garden and had a refreshing glass of lemonade, lunch and fresh raspberry cake. Bosnian Hospitality! Oh, and that night we only had Baklava and ice cream for dinner.... psssstttt... don't tell anyone!

On our last full day in Bosnia, we took a trip to the mountains to exercise all the lovely food we had the days before. From the parking till the little secluded village of Lukomir, we had a lovely doggy companion following us. While she had to wait for us at some parts, she jumped in some natural springs to refresh herself. We rather would have done so too, but the homemade juices at Lukomir helped us to power up again, for the way down. The total loop took us 9 hours including lunch break, but it was a beautiful scenery full of green, trees, flowers and blue skies. Tired but happy did we reach our hotel that night.

After dedicating our last hours before the flight to shopping, more eating and the War Child Museum, we were sad to leave and promised to return soon again!

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