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date 2020 - tba
(between May and August)

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Summer will not put MAG off from going on trips! Summer will not stop us! ​

***Turtle Season in Oman is April through August***

We will watch turtles, as they are laying eggs, eggs hatching, baby turtles. We swim and refresh in amazing Pools; enjoy nice moments and laughter together and add some adventure to our life.

In past years we did summer trips to the mountain areas in Oman. This year we are going more south. We will have nice time with turtles and see how they come out of the ocean to find a spot for digging their nest holes and leaving the eggs. As well as we will have nice swim in what MAG calls the Paradise Pools as you will really be speechless when you are there.

Theme: Beaches, Turtles, Wadis, Pools, Pink lakes, Offroad drive, etc


2.5 Days / 2 nights;

Included accommodation on shared basis, meals (breakfast & dinner); wadi guide fee; car sharing


Fuel for car sharing, Oman visa and UAE exit fees, snacks, insurance

Thursday: We will leave Thursday after work, to cover the big part of the distance. We will stop for dinner and sleep on the way.

Friday: We will leave Muscat and drive to the pools for some refreshing pool jumping; and then continue further to our hotel. We will have dinner and go to see the turtles at night.

Saturday: We return to the beach to see the turtles heading back into the ocean while the sun is rising. We will head back to the hotel for breakfast and a little nap, before we will make our way back to Dubai. We will add a few more exciting stops on our way.


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