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Liability Disclaimer

I hereby release MAG Adventures FZ-LLC (“MAG “) from any claims for loss, damage, or injury sustained while participating in MAG activities and events (“Activity”). I agree that I participate at my own risk and that I am physically fit to participate this Activity. I have informed MAG beforehand about any health conditions which might limit my participation. 


I understand that MAG does not maintain any liability insurance for protection of individuals, business entities, groups, organizations, spectators, or others who may participate in the Activity and that I, or any other person on my behalf, will not waive any claim which may occur in the case of death, injury, damage or loss. I will not hold MAG, or any of its representatives, liable for any injuries, damages or loss and therefore waive all compensation claims against MAG, individually or otherwise, for any and all claims for injuries or damages I sustain, and I expressly agree not to penalize, prosecute or claim compensation from MAG or its representatives in the event of any injury, loss or damage.


This Liability Release extends, applies to, covers, and includes all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated, and unsuspected injuries, damages, losses, delays and the consequences thereof, as well as those now disclosed and known to exist.

Covid 19

I will be acting responsible and protect myself and my travel buddies by adhering to all general social distancing rules during the trip itself as much as possible. I am solely responsible for complying with these rules. MAG is not responsible of reminding me and my fellow Adventurers about these.


Should I experience any flulike symptoms or be tested positive before the trip, I will inform MAG immediately and refrain from joining the trip. Should I join the trip healthy, and experience Covid-19 symptoms afterwards, I will inform MAG immediately as well about the official medical test results. In the rare case that I fall sick after the trip, I release MAG from any responsibility or liability. I will adhere to all applicable regulations and eventually obtain needed approvals. 

I understand that it is not MAG's responsiblity or fault should travel plans be impacted by changing regulations in either the country of departure or arrival. I also understand that certain pre-paid costs, e.g. visa, might not be refundable.  

Media Waiver

I give permission to use my name, voice and/or picture in any social media post and/or promotional advertisements created and published by MAG.

Visa & Travel Documents

I will be responsible, unless agreed otherwise, to pertain all required travel documents before travelling, e.g. applying and pertaining the required visa on time before departure. Should MAG be responsible for obtaining the visa, MAG will not be held liable if visa will be rejected. The visa costs will not be refunded. 

My Responsibility

I understand that MAG does not accept littering and I will be responsible of not doing so. I will not leave any litter, plastics, cigarette butts, etc. behind. I leave the place as clean as I have found it, if not even cleaner by taking some other waste with me. I love the nature and I will protect it, its wildlife and flora. I will not purposely damage or hurt anything or anyone. 

I also understand that MAG does not accept harrassment, bullying or any other unrespectful misbhaviour of me towards any MAG member, MAG Adventurer, hosts, guides or anyone else met on our platforms or during the trip. 

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