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MAG started in 2012 when its founder Mahdi decided to go and explore the world on the adventurous path together with like-minded people. 

 ​MAG stands for "Most Adventurous Group" and what started as just a group on social media, grew into a community of 4,000+ travelers and now into MAG Adventures FZ-LLC.

So if you are looking for some adventure and some unforgettable memories, please join us!


Abu Ghazaleh

The Adventurous Founder of MAG

Mahdi loves to travel, hike, go offroad and explore places which keep an hidden adventure somewhere. He will for sure discover it.

Mahdi gets inspired by the satellite view of google maps and then decides where he wants to travel next. He loves waterfalls but is not a beach person.

Mahdi is Jordanian and grew up in Dubai and knows the desert around Dubai as well as Oman inside out. 

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